Welcome Real Estate Services

Welcome Real Estate Services has Certified Property Managers (CPM®) from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). You are given personal attention and full access to your landlord instead of working with a third-party management company. Welcome Real Estate Services works in partnership with our tenant by helping to best maintain the property and plan for the future goals of their business.

Our team of property managers focuses on maximizing your experience as a Welcome Group tenant by:

  • Helping to Maintain Your Facility – Maintaining your facility can be crucial to your production and the success of your business. Our Real Estate Management professionals will help our tenants address the needs that can arise when caring for the building. We can offer resources that address any maintenance needs, including proactive maintenance as well as services such as tax protesting.
  • Maintaining Tenant Relationships – Welcome Group can assist our tenants with any renovation, expansion or relocation needs. In addition to accommodating tenant’s facility concerns, we work proactively to assist our tenants by managing lease expirations and renewals.

We’re here to help!

Welcome Real Estate Services provides its due diligence to ensure tenants are kept within legal parameters and to accommodate lessees with any questions they may have. We are dedicated to our tenants by providing the care and attention needed to keep their business running smoothly and efficiently.

Included in our Welcome Real Estate Management Services but not limited to is the following,

  • Insurance Index – Welcome Real Estate Services performs annual negotiations of rates, invoicing of insurance, obtaining tenant certificates with lease compliance, document management, lender compliance and insurance broker dialogue. We keep insurance rates as low as possible and within our parameters which reduces costs for our tenants.
  • Tax Index – Welcome Real Estate Services performs annual protesting/negotiations of taxes and property values (this is a multi-step process over 6 months), hiring tax protesting firms, collection and payment of taxes, management of tax statements and documents.
  • Rent invoicing – Welcome Real Estate Services handles the monthly calculations, sending out invoices, processing rent payments, handling all questions from tenants, working with tenant’s accounting departments and document management.
  • Maintenance Repairs – Welcome Real Estate Services works with our tenants for annual and quarterly maintenance contracts and invoices, site visits, managing correspondence between tenants and the landlord, vendor referrals, managing catastrophic issues such as storm and hurricane damage (fixing damage, dealing with insurance claims, coordinating vendors, etc.), resolving lease issues, management of all lease documents for tenant and owners, management of all lease requirements and obligations for tenant and owners.

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